Here you'll find answers to questions regarding Mews & WebLock integration

How to sign up for Mews WebLock integration?

       Prior to activation of the service a contract needs to be signed between the hotel and Valnes AS. Please contact

How to connect WebLock with Mews for the first time?

    Contact Mews and ask integrate with Valnes WebLock ( On request Mews will send us Access Token.

Please send following info to

    - Please specify e-mail address from which your guests will get the mail from. For example: "5 Star HOTEL <>";
    - Please specify to which e-mail you would like to receive e-mail blind copy (bcc). This can be used by personnel to verify if the mail was sent;
    - Based on the domain we generate e-mail DKIM records that we send to you so your e-mail service provider can add these to DNS records. This is required for WebLock to send mails from your domain;
    - Please specify e-mail subject;
    - Please specify e-mail body;
    - How many digits does a pin-code generated by WebLock need to have. Most of our customers use 4 digit codes, some use 5 or 6 digit codes;
    - Accommodation service name in Mews must be "Accommodation";
    - Optional: If you want the pin-code to be sent to guest via SMS in addition to e-mail, a separate agreement is in order. In case if SMS needed, we also need input for SMS sender name (limit 11 characters) and SMS body (limit 140 characters). Please keep in mind that if guest name is included in SMS, the amount of characters in SMS body will vary which is reserved to guests name.


Specific functionality of the integration:

    Mews integration service creates pin-codes in WebLock cloud-based access control. Hotel can choose on which reservation status the pin-codes will be generated:

    - Booking confirmation event. This means that the code will be generated for the room at the confirmation time but not sent out before x hours before check-in time. For example if a guest books 1 week ahead then the guest will not get the code immediately but for example 48 hours prior check-in time. NOTE: If guest receives the code 48 hours prior, code is not active. Code will become active starting from check-in time or when checked in manually from Mews.

    - Check-in event: When reservation status is changed to "check-in", pin-code is generated and sent to guest.


    - When code is generated, the code is displayed in WebLock cloud console in "Cards" view.


    - Once the property is requested via Marketplace an internal mapping of rooms is done by Valnes team before proceeding with activation. Mapping can be changed later in WebLock cloud console. 

   Optional: In addition to sending pin-codes via e-mail, hotel can choose to send the code with SMS also. Please contact for activation of the feature.


What are the limitations of the integration?

    - Rooms mapping with Mews and WebLock needs to be done before the automatic pin-code generation feature can be used;

    - Accommodation service name in Mews must be "Accommodation".

How to disconnect the apps?

    To cancel the service please contact


    The access code is unique to each room reservation. Guest's code will work on all doors where guest needs to have access.

    WebLock supports WebLock hardware and we're open to integrate 3rd party hardware. Please contact

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