Here you'll find answers to questions regarding Guesty & WebLock integration

How to sign up for Guesty WebLock integration?

       Prior to activation of the service a contract needs to be signed between the hotel and Valnes AS. Please contact

How to connect WebLock with Guesty for the first time?:

    - To connect Guesty to your WebLock account, in Guesty go to Integrations > Guesty Marketplace > Select Valnes (under Home automation\keyless access category) > Connect App.

Send api key to in order for us to enable integration. 

- Once the property is requested via Marketplace an internal mapping of rooms is done by Valnes team before proceeding with activation.


Specific functionality of the integration:

    Guesty integration service creates pin-codes (keycodes) in WebLock cloud-based access control. Codes will be generated on booking confirmation event. When WebLock receives webhook request from Guesty, the code is generated and can be used in Guesty automated messaging by using key-code tag (for example: "Your key code for {{listing}} is: {{key_code}}#")  NOTE: If guest receives the code prior check-in time, code is not active. Code becomes active starting from check-in time.

    - Activated codes can be seen under "Cards" menu in WebLock cloud console.

    - Keycode is displayed in Guesty reservation summary under calendar view in section Keycode.

    - The property needs to manually add their desired email schedule in Guesty


What are the limitations of the integration?

       Rooms mapping with Guesty and WebLock needs to be done before the automatic keycode generation feature can be used. Internal rooms is currently done by Valnes team during installation before activation, the property will not be performing the room mapping, any additional rooms created on Guesty will need to be communicated to Valnes team in order to update the room mapping. Please contact

How to disconnect the apps?

    To cancel the service please contact


    The access code is unique to each room reservation.

    Guest gets one code that they can use all doors they need to have access for.

    WebLock supports WebLock hardware and we're open to integrate 3rd party hardware. Please contact

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